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About Us

Welcome to Specialty Pediatric Solutions a leading Pediatric Cardiology Clinic dedicated to the specialized care of infants, children, and adolescents with heart conditions. Our clinic is staffed by a team of highly skilled pediatric cardiologists, nurses, and support staff who are passionate about providing exceptional medical care and support to young patients and their families.

At Specialty Pediatric Solutions, we understand the unique needs of children with cardiac conditions and strive to create a warm and nurturing environment where they can receive the highest standard of care. We combine the latest advancements in diagnostic technology and treatment options with a compassionate, family-centered approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Our team of experts is experienced in diagnosing and managing a wide range of pediatric cardiac conditions, from congenital heart defects to acquired heart diseases. We work closely with families to develop personalized treatment plans that address the specific needs of each child, while keeping their overall well-being in mind.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide exceptional and comprehensive cardiac care to infants, children, and adolescents, ensuring the highest standard of medical expertise and compassionate support for patients and their families.

In addition to providing exceptional clinical care, we are committed to advancing the field of pediatric cardiology through research and innovation. By actively participating in cutting-edge research studies and collaborating with leading academic institutions, we aim to improve the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of pediatric heart conditions.

Vison Statement: Our vision is to be a leading pediatric cardiology clinic recognized for excellence in clinical care, research, and education. We strive to set new benchmarks in the field of pediatric cardiology, employing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and advanced treatment options to achieve optimal outcomes for our patients.

At Specialty Pediatric Solutions, we believe in empowering families with knowledge and support. We provide comprehensive resources and educational materials to help parents and caregivers navigate their child’s cardiac journey with confidence.

Thank you for considering Specialty Pediatric Solutions as your trusted partner in your child’s heart health. We are here to support you every step of the way.”

Dr. Pankaj Jain, MD, F.A.A.P, F.A.C.C

Dr. Pankaj Jain MD, F.A.A.P, F.A.C.C, is a compassionate physician, visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a double board-certified Pediatrician and Pediatric Cardiologist.

Dr. Jain has an extensive experience in medical field working in multiple countries (India, U.A.E., Canada and US) for over 20 years, which makes him a distinguished physician. He graduated from the B.J medical college in Pune, India and earned a double MD degree in Pediatrics from King George’s Medical University in India and from New York Medical College in New York, NY.

He completed his Pediatric Cardiology fellowship at Mazenkowaski Heart Institute/Stollery Children’s hospital in Alberta, Canada. He experienced the medical needs of patients from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds including transition of care. He remains committed to continuous improvement of medicine and is published multiple times including in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Jain has delivered research presentations at various national and international conferences. Dr. Jain is an emerging entrepreneur, and is humanitarian, committed to uplifting society. He is involved with multiple non-government organizations (NGOs) and charitable organizations. He also participates in multiple charity health camps to provide awareness and medical care to unprivileged society. Dr. Jain is well-respected in his community; he is not only known for his unparallel professional background but also for being an honest, hardworking family man.

Dr. Jain is not only committed to excellent acute patient care but also ensures safe discharge planning. He makes medicine more approachable, easily accessible, and people-oriented throughout his research, community awareness and education.

Our Team

Amy Grubbs

Director of Operations

Amy provides administrative support to the Specialty Pediatric Solutions team.  She is a native of Arizona, where she received her M.S. in Health Care Administration from Grand Canyon University. 

Amy is passionate about process improvement, revenue optimization, and creating a positive culture.  Outside of the office, you can find Amy relaxing at home with her daughter and pups or out on her paddle board at the Salt River. 

Saundra Brooks

Office Manager

I am an enthusiastic and optimistic Healthcare professional of more than 20 years.  I have a proven ability to inspire others to strive to identify workplace efficiency opportunities and to take measurable steps toward their own professional growth. I am originally from Colorado, but grew up here in Arizona.  I’ve been married for 23 years, and have raised 3 children.

My interests include Patient advocacy while providing the best patient care. In my spare time I enjoy spending time taking relaxing road trips in my RV, and attending group fitness classes. I am excited about this opportunity to contribute to the growth of this organization.

Hannah Hughes

Pediatric Cardiac Sonographer

My name is Hannah Shaum and I am a Pediatric Cardiac Sonographer. I graduated from the echo program at Spokane Community College in 2022 and have both my Adult and Pediatric Echo registries.

I grew up helping my parents care for  medically fragile foster babies, the majority of which had congenital cardiac defects. I always knew I wanted to be part of something that helps these kids, in whatever way I could. I am passionate about making them feel safe, comforted and cared for while obtaining the highest quality images of their heart.

I believe this is crucial to effectively aid and direct their care. My experience working in two large children’s hospitals has given me the skills to do just that. I look forward to being a part of your child’s care!

Lizeth Villegas Cortes

Medical Assistant

My name is Lizeth Villegas Cortes. I am an RMA, with five years of experience in Pediatrics. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Az.

I lived in South Carolina for 10 years and just recently reside with my 3 beautiful children and husband. We are so excited to be back home. My hobbies are dancing, family time, and trying new adventures. It’s an honor being part of Specialty Pediatric Solutions.